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Sammie Rhodes and Carmen Kinsley

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38383 4 years ago
i wanna fuck Carmen Kinsley, while she does that other bitch..... She is so fucking hot !
gummy 10 years ago
The chick that gets picked up stinks. She dont even know how to slapp an ass and she kept on giggling like a dumb bitch everytime the blonde said do you like my ass she didnt seem to enjoy herself. She ruined it, the blonde was doing her thing tho.
seriously 11 years ago
maybe beacause they are pornstars you fucking twat
John Mcdick 11 years ago
Because they get paid for licking each other duh
agree 10 years ago
these stupid bitches should afford driving a mazda
Carmen is so hot 11 years ago
Two blondes one of them Carmen kinsly licking each others ass's
Nick 11 years ago
Why can these fuckin Bitches afford such big Cars ??