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3 years ago
I see a comments saying they are hurting her. In fact she has a lot of fun. Im sub and i know when my master hear me scream hes gonna like it and give me more pleassure. Do i like doing that all of the time , no i dont. I usually meet my master once like every 3 months and let him do whatever he wants with my body for the whole weekend. Its awesome.
3 years ago
Keep going, HAMMER HER CUNT, get her cunt on a fatter machine
Pancakes 2 years ago
I leave a comment for no reason; I provide nothing
2 years ago
i’m hoping my that she’s enjoying it and your guys aren’t hurting her
HardCore Punishments 3 years ago
Her cunt is getting SUPER MACHINE FORCED ORGASM smashing through cunt DEEP FAST HARD. deep in her cunt is getting HAMMERED and her cunt hole is getting SUPER FRICTION.
2 years ago
why does she sounds like she's yelling in lowercase
Norm 4 years ago
i'd drink her juice
4 years ago
Why do you do that bitch you hear her scream
Drew 4 years ago
Hurting her
Sad 3 years ago
I was lose my master for year, this video make me feel bad :(